Clayne Crawford merchandise launched to help raise funds for charity TRF

On Tuesday 19 June, the Clayne Crawford Foundation announced the launched of an exclusive design of Clayne hoodies and t-shirts.

The clothing range has been organised to raise money for charity Tyler Robinson Foundation (TRF), who support families going through challenges after the devastating news of a pediatric cancer diagnosis.

TRF, set up by band Imagine Dragons, are the current charity partners of the Clayne Crawford Foundation.

The clothing has a black and white drawn image of Mr Crawford (complete with moustache and sunglasses), plus a slogan in red text that states: “Don’t Trash the Stache”

Clayne Crawford hoodie pic 1

On the actor’s Instagram account, accompanied by a photograph wearing one of the hoodies, Clayne said:

“Good morning beautiful people!

Help me fight #pediatriccancer with @trfdotorg – Head over to and purchase a tshirt oor hoodie to help us #slaycancerwithdragons. #ccf #wearechange #together #inspire #nonprofit

clayne crawford instagram hoodie

According to the page on, the clothing is available in black or white, t-shirts, long sleeves, hoodies and tanks.

The website ships worldwide, so what are you waiting for…


Buy yours now via this link!

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