How to get involved with #stacheselfie and the story of ‘Riggs stache’ so far…

Clayne Crawford and his charity foundation have launched a range of clothing in aid of charity TRF (Tyler Robinson Foundation).

And to help spread the word, @TeamClayne have launched #stacheselfie

Here’s how to get involved…

  • Buy something from the range
  • If possible, buy a fake moustache (!) – or grow your own (!!) (optional – you could use eyeliner to draw one on!)
  • While waiting for your purchase to be mailed, start taking pics of your ‘stache! (optional)
  • Post them on all social media especially twitter, where I will pick them up if you use #stacheselfie
  • Use #stacheselfie #teamclayne #lethalfamily #slaycancerwithdragons @CCF_Birmingham @TRFdotORG (so we are spreading the news about these 2 incredible charities)
  • When your stuff turns up, put on the Tshirt/hoodie and your stache
  • Take a stache selfie and DM / tweet @TeamClayne so I can collate them using #stacheselfie
  • Share other @TeamClayne #stacheselfies to help spread the word


Here’s the story of my Riggs ‘stache so far – keep up to date with the adventures of Riggs on #stacheselfie twitter hashtag

Now your turn to share your ‘stache story too.


ice cream





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