Donate to fans’ GoFundMe campaign for chance to win Don’t Trash the Stache T-shirt





#TeamClayne member @civale10 has come up with a fantastic idea to help raise more money for Clayne Crawford’s foundation by asking for donations on GoFundMe for a chance to win a Don’t Trash the Stache T-shirt.

Link to gofundme

He says: “Ok after further discussion we have decided to start a raffle for don’t trash the stache t shirts.

“$5 donation gets you one raffle ticket $10 gets you two tickets $15 gets you three.

“We will close the gofundme on July 15th  5pm EST time and draw the winners that night. Winners will have to get us size and shipping info ASAP.”

If you are donating from another country with another currency equivalent, the website works that out for you.

Fully fill in your details on the website so @civale10 can let you know if you are a winner and get the size of T-shirt you want asap if he doesn’t hear from you via twitter. If there is no reply or contact made by 10pm on 16th July of any of the winners, that individual T-shirt prize will be redrawn.

T-shirts only.

Winners will be picked by @civale10 at random.

Winners will keep being chosen until all the donated money is used (including for shipping).

Any remaining money that isn’t enough to purchase a T-shirt will be donated by @civale10 directly to the Clayne Crawford directly.

@civale10 will purchase the T-shirts directly.

This donations raffle is not run in conjunction with the Clayne Crawford Foundation, but will benefit them directly via @civale10 purchasing winners’ T-shirts.

Winners will be announced on twitter by @civale10 on the evening of the 15th.

By entering this donation raffle, you are agreeing to these terms.


Remember to post your #stacheselfies on twitter INCLUDING #DontTrashTheStache and be sure to @civale10 and @BTSinHollywood and @TeamClayne so we can spread the love.

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