Team Clayne join up across the world for a Don’t Trash the Stache group photo

Fans of Clayne Crawford have already started receiving their branded ‘Don’t Trash the Stache’ apparel, and as the purchase period has been extended up to and including 24 July, there’s still time to buy more on

So it’s the perfect time to do a fan group picture, even though we are spread across the globe!

Want to be in it?

Here’s what to do.

  • once your apparel arrives, take a picture of you in it
  • a full length shot with all of you in it, standing up and facing the camera (no side shots)
  • try and take the picture where there isn’t too much clutter / visual stuff in the background – plain wall would be perfect


  • staches, sunglasses, caps etc  are optional
  • DM your picture to @LeGrandeWee (Fred) – by doing so you are agreeing to yourself appearing in the picture and also anyone else you DM to Fred


  • This replaces using the #stacheselfiegroup to send your pic – sorry!!
  • If you are having trouble with the DM to Fred let me know on @TeamClayne


  • Fred will digitally ‘cut out’ your body and transfer it onto the main group picture
  • This will run for many weeks as I am aware that some of us won’t get our apparel for a while, so it is a long-length project!
  • We, as a fan group, will then send a copy to Clayne and his family


  • Although it will be easy to download for free, we’re asking fans to donate just $2 or $3 or whatever they can afford directly to the Clayne Crawford Foundation via their website using sentence stacheselfie fan group so they know what it is


  • An easy win to feel part of our group, show Clayne we support him, and raise money too

Get snapping!

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