Christian Kane fan reviews Clayne’s new movie Tinker

Tinker the movie – release date and synopsis

Clayne Crawford’s new movie Tinker, due to be released in November in the U.S., is the story of Grady Lee Jr (Crawford).


Still traumatized by the death of his parents at an early age, Grady keeps to himself, with only a few people close to him, including friend Boudreaux (played by Christian Kane, who is also a close friend of Clayne’s off-screen).


Grady finds his father’s secret journal which includes plans for constructing a totally unique machine.


With the help of Boudreaux, Grady begins to construct the machine, but life has more complications for him as he reluctantly has to take custody of his step-nephew, a boy called Kai.


Tinker The Movie – Review by Mary E Brewer

“I want to start out with confirming that YES indeed it is a family friendly movie! It has been The Dove Foundation approved for people ages 12 yrs & up. They rate movies based on faith, violence, drugs & more. It is a high honor to be approved by them.

“I really do not want to go into much detail about the movie itself as I am bad about giving away spoilers. This show is one that needs to be seen for ones self. You have to take in all of its nuances and subtleties for yourself.

“I will say the movie was worth the wait!!

“The actors were all on point with their characters. They could not have cast it any better than they had. The storyline is very intriguing, so much so you hate for the movie to end! You end up wanting more! Maybe we will get a sequel!! I sure hope so!”

Clayne Crawford as Grady –  “just fascinating to watch! He really got into his role very deeply!”

Christian Kane as Boudreaux – “as a Proud Kaniac you know our main man rocked his role!”

And, a wonderful surprise is the appearance of Clayne’s son, Colton Crawford as Kai, in this captivating movie.


A spokesperson for the movie says: “Tinker is Colts debut film, he is a brilliant young man and brought a lot of fun to the set.

“One of his favorite parts about making Tinker was getting out of the freezing weather and climbing into the top bunk bed of the warm RV, in between takes, on those freezing days!”


Mary adds: “Colt Crawford as Kai is just adorable and did so well especially as this is his first acting role!”

Team Clayne can’t wait to see the Crawford family in action together, and Christian too, of course!


Audience reaction to Tinker screenings in 2017:

Watch the trailer:


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