#ClayneDay 18 Aug is your chance to show Clayne Crawford you are his fan


So fans @LethalWeaponWC and @civale10 are the driving force behind the first ever #ClayneDay on Saturday 18 August, supported by #TeamClayne of course.

Globally there will be:

  • a number of free prize draws for the best ‘I support Clayne’ message and for the best picture or artwork shared across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter donated by @TeamClayne for a prize of a DVD of a Clayne Crawford movie
  • plus a prize for the best 20 second message to Clayne which will be randomly selected down to three and then voted for by fans – and videos are likely to be featured on this blog. By entering you agree to the possibility of your video being featured on this fan blog.


  • No ranting or naughty words in your video please!
  • Use @TeamClayne #ClayneDay #ClayneCrawford when tweeting your video so we can find it
  • There’s an example video on the TeamClayne Instagram account
  • Keep checking @TeamClayne for more info.


The main event… which is called Twitter Jail Contest – with the objective of getting the # of #ClayneDay #ClayneCrawford trending on the day

Fan @LethalWeaponWC explains:
Go to Twitter Jail for chance to win Prizes. Each stint in twitter jail = 1 raffle ticket. Can earn unlimited raffle tickets.
1. Must use official # to count
2. Appropriate & on topic tweets
3. Can’t have more then 2 # (to trend)
4. Must be within time of event
5. Must send full screen shot (showing time, date, account) via DM to event sponsor @LethalWeaponWC to receive credit & raffle ticket.
The official # will be posted at start of contest, 12 midnight USA eastern time on the 18 August.  (check out time zones for global time differences)
This is Twitter Jail so you risk losing your account, but you can use an alternate account & should create one as backup.
Keep a copy of your twitter jail screen shots in case twitter has a meltdown.
Any questions? Just tweet @LethalWeaponWC and @civale10 and more info on the blog about prizes and more activities.
Visuals by @civale10
clayne day


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