Clayne Day 2 Return of the Stache – here’s the details

So the first Clayne Day, a fan celebration day dedicated to the actor Clayne Crawford, was such a success and great fun that we’re doing it all again – bigger and better.

Saturday 1st September is Clayne Day 2 – Return of the Stache

For 24 hours, all fans of Clayne are invited to take part in competitions and share messages, pictures and videos using the following TWO #



Tag @TeamClayne if there’s room!

  • Tweet messages, videos and pictures
  • Quote tweet other team members’ tweets
  • Share the brilliant videos & pics on accounts @civale10 & @LeGrandeWee
  • Enter competitions


It is 24 hours but the majority of the activity to gain the most coverage is when most of the world is awake!

UK, Europe, Africa, Scandinavia, Middle East: 4.00pm – 8.00pm

Eastern USA/Canada/South America: 11.00am – 3.00pm

Western USA/Canada/South America: 8.00am – 12.00pm

Australia, New Zealand and the Far East/Asia – you can gain entry to the competitions at anytime as you might be asleep during this optimum time for others as it’s 1am – 5am on Sunday 2 Sept for you!

Here’s just some of the things that are happening:

Between the times listed above there are two competitions running, as well as the all day sharing and activity, to increase twitter traffic on the two dedicated hashtags.

  • Fan photo competition for chance to win signed photo

Tweet any photo that has a link to Clayne’s Riggs – truck, boots, trailer, beach, any type of cheese, facial hair etc. Use #ClayneCrawford #ClayneDay. Winner chosen at random.

  • Fan artwork competition for chance to win signed T-shirt

Digital art, paint, pencil, crayon – any medium – tweet your Clayne artwork entry using #ClayneCrawford #ClayneDay and DM @TeamClayne with your entry so it doesn’t get missed. You don’t have to be Van Goch to enter, winner chosen at random for a signed t-shirt. 

  • B&W photo competition between 2 fans

Plus throughout the day two fans will be having a B&W photobattle representing #TeamClayne Vs #TeamLinds (actor Linds Edwards who Clayne has worked with on Lethal Weapon and Rectify). More info on the day on @TeamClayne twitter account.

  • Twitter Jail

Fan @LethalWeaponWC explains:
Go to Twitter Jail for chance to win Prizes. Each stint in twitter jail = 1 raffle ticket.
Can earn unlimited raffle tickets.
1. Must use official # to count
2. Appropriate & on topic tweets
3. Can’t have more then 2 # (to trend)
4. Must be within time of event
5. Must send full screen shot (showing time, date, account) via DM to event sponsor @LethalWeaponWC to receive credit & raffle ticket.
The official # will be posted at start of contest, 12 midnight USA eastern time on the 18 August.  (check out time zones for global time differences)
This is Twitter Jail so you risk losing your account, but you can use an alternate account & should create one as backup.
Keep a copy of your twitter jail screen shots in case twitter has a meltdown
  • Spontaneous activity

Keep checking @TeamClayne pinned tweet for instructions on activities as they unfold through the day.


  • Random winner

Overall, there will be a member of #TeamClayne who @TeamClayne can see is getting involved in activity chosen at random to win a signed picture of Clayne.


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