Team Clayne Vs Team Linds – how did it begin, who won and who was watching?

Part of the Clayne Day 2 – Return of the Stache fun was a black and white picture competition between @mossmann1 and angie@teamclayne

Let @mossmann1 explain…


Clayne challenged Linds Edwards (co-star from Rectify and Lethal Weapon) to a #7daysBW competition on his twitter account.

On Day 2 of the 7 coincidently, I spun some tale on how the Clayne Crawford posted picture was aimed at us, the fans.

Then Angie jumped in to the conversation and to our amusement Linds Edwards replied😱

So for the next 5 days we kept the banter (and insults on someone’s part) going, creating the #TeamClayne V #TeamLinds #Picturebattle!

The likes from Linds just fired up the banter more. When it came to an end we were steaming into our first ClayneDay so we grabbed the opportunity to keep the #TeamClayne V #TeamLinds battle going an extra day, only Angie and I would submit the photos, hoping our boys would still play along with likes.

ClayneDay approached and….Angie not only went to Twitter jail she LOST her account, so battle could not commence 😰

We thought we had lost momentum and interest after the amount of hype we had been throwing at each other. 😔

But there was hope…


Promoting ClayneDay 2 was just as full on as the first so we kept the #picturebattle and tried to hype it up again, not knowing what or who to expect.

#TeamClayne are an awesome enthusiastic bunch they got their votes in, torn between some of the entries on who to vote for, creating more banter.

Angie went back into battle mode (it’s a good job I’ve thick skin, or is it a thick head🤔)

YES a like from Linds for #TeamClayne battle numbers 1,3&4  – that’s the spirit – Game On.

More likes for comments ensued, fuelling the insult fire again.

In steps Anon with a like and a retweet for battle number 9 – loyalties are still split between both contenders.

Now we have TC throwing in a like for numbers 9 &10 – woohoo – but wait what did I nearly miss…there on number 3… it’s only a like from CC 😁(granted a vote for #teamlinds – more team spirit!)

Did he and everyone finally twig on my play on pics or was I still overthinking?

Well, wait for it…I don’t care it was worth all the insults and SHOUTY capitals coming from the #TeamLinds Battleaxe – she’s fierce even in fun 😘

Me?… well I chose the ‘Be More Clayne’ approach – calm and dignified (mostly) but when the #Picturebattle finished and the votes were counted one thing we agreed on – #TEAMLINDS & #TEAMCLAYNE were both winners because FRIENDSHIP is what matters the most, and when they insult you, you just smile…and insult them worse🤪

Kirstie @mossmann1 #Truthseekers

The results are in:

Collage 2018-09-02 19_23_55
Collage 2018-09-02 18_57_48
Collage 2018-09-02 13_55_36

All fans who got involved in this fun are in with a chance of winning a prize – the winner will be randomly selected and announced on @TeamClayne on Wednesday 5 September at 11pm (GMT).

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