The day I met Clayne Crawford, he was very sweet…

Some Clayne Crawford fans have been blessed and met him and his wonderful family – here is one fan’s account – warning, do not read if you feel jealous easily!


“I met Clayne on May 6, 2018, at the Pig Out Picnic at the Red Gates at Kelly Creek in Odenville, AL because he was hosting a charity event and I wanted to help support the cause.

“I had heard what a wonderful person he was, but did not really follow him on social media so I had nothing personal to really go by.

“To say he is nice is the understatement of the century!


“I walked right up to him and introduced myself! My friend had gifts for him and she was showing him, he was so happy and shocked that at one point I thought he would fall over in joy!

“I also met many of his friends and family members and they were equally as wonderful as he is! I was excited to meet someone that I heard so many good things about!

“I was very elated to get the chance to talk to him! Knowing that he is a celebrity (even if he doesn’t think so) could make people nervous, but he was so nice I felt right at home. Almost like I belonged there.

“He thanked me for coming and was astonished at the fact that my friend and I drove from northern Indiana to meet him and his family!

“I thanked him for having this event and it was great to finally meet him. I praised his charity and all the great things he does in life.


“He was beyond amazing. I’ve never met someone so genuine, down to earth and humble in my whole life. He showed passion and heart to everyone there and we all genuinely had an amazing fun, laid back time!


“At one point I was talking to fans that were too nervous to meet him, so I walked them over to him and told him they really nervous Nellie’s and he walked right over and gave them hugs!

“He said don’t be nervous, I’m just like you! I thought that was super sweet.”

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