Don’t Trash the Stache charity group stache selfie is released

On 19 June Clayne Crawford launched the Don’t Trashe the Stache charity fundraising campaign on his Instagram account.

Here’s a quick recap:

Uniquely designed apparel  using Clayne’s face, fans were urged to treat themselves to a T-shirt or sweatshirt to help raise funds for the Clayne Crawford Foundation.

The actor’s charity was raising money for the Tyler Robinson Foundation (TRF), a charity that help families with a child with cancer.

TRF was set up by international band Imagine Dragons.

It started well…

As fans clothing started being delivered @TeamClayne set up the Don’t Trash the Stache group selfie project.

Fans were urged to send a selfie with their t-shirt or hoodie on (stick-on moustache optional) to team member @LeGrandeWee who patiently designed the collage picture.

The result is below.



BUT before you save it to your laptop / mobile / tablet etc we were hoping you might consider donating at least $5 to the Clayne Crawford Foundation – directly through their website here.

This of course is totally optional, but if we can a few extra dollars to what we have already raised for CCF as a fanfamily, that would be amazing.

At the moment the donations are for the Hearts of Gold Donation Drive, as September is National Childhood Awareness month.

There is the opportunity to win signed Clayne stuff for someone who donates>


Here is the total amount Clayne Crawford fans have raised for CCF / TRF via the Don’t Trash the Stache campaign:


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