Bullies Keep Out and Clayne Crawford together raising awareness of the issue

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Exclusive interview (main pic credit: @holymomoa on IG)

October is Bullying Awareness Month and Clayne and Kiki Crawford’s charity foundation are helping spread the word by joining forces with anti-bullying movement Bullies Keep Out.

Team Clayne recently had an exclusive chat with founder Dana Jacoviello to find out more…

How did the Crawfords become involved with Bullies Keep Out?

I became involved with Clayne by reaching out to him on social media to see if he would be interested in becoming an advocate for Bullies Keep Out. He was interested right away, and excited to become part of BKO and get involved.” 

Watch the Facetime chat with Clayne:

“I came to find out he was one of Mikey’s, Michael Raymomd—James best friends. Mikey is our ambassador. He is such good people, and so is Clayne. Anybody that knows Mikey, are just beautiful humans that are very passionate about the cause. We are happy to work with anybody that is a friend of our friend and ambassador.”


“That is how I met Kiki. I spoke to her a few times, and she herself is very big on being involved and working with us with Clayne. They are both amazing.” 

How did you ask Clayne to be an ambassador, he must get so many requests and is unable to support them all…

“I reached out to both of them to see if they were interested in becoming partners, and especially partnering up to do some work together with their foundation after I saw the event they had and campaign for Imagine Dragons to help children with cancer.

“Bullying awareness month is where we are starting of course, it being October. We are brainstorming ideas of how we can create change together. We will be doing more with them.

“I am and all of BKO, are thrilled to have Clayne and Kiki and their foundation on board as partners and they are a joy to work with. Both amazing people with big hearts.” 


Why did you ask Clayne and Kiki for their help?

“There are always advantages in having supporters with powerful and big voices in the industry who use their celebrity platform for good. And we are honored to have both Clayne and Kiki. 

“It brings more awareness. Get more people’s attention to listen and people look up to these actors/artists, so they listen. And that’s our main goal, to create change, and be the change, however we can reach people. And with all those supporting us, working with us, we are doing that.

They are always up to help with whatever we are doing. I am grateful for people like Clayne and Kiki as part of the BKO family.

“It is important to me because doing social good, activism, advocating, and making a difference is a big part of who I am. It’s innate in me since I was a child. I want to save the world, haha! So with their help, and so many others, again, so blessed and thankful for them all in standing with me to do that.” 


What are the main objectives of Bullying Awareness Month?

“To raise awareness and get people involved. Keep the conversation going. That’s so important. We need to talk about this all forms of bullying hate more. It should never stop being at the forefront. Very serious epidemic that needs attention both online and offline. And anything we can do to create change, we are always looking to do new things.

“So far the response is amazing. So many people giving advice, sharing stories, saying what has worked for them, their ideas in what we can, as parents and helping children, schools, and getting all these perspectives helps others. Everybody is coming together in a big way. And that’s what we want to see.” 

How can people get involved?

“By simply responding to our tweets and using hashtags and tagging both Bullies Keep Out, the Crawford Foundation, and Clayne.

“They can start a convo or get involved in one we started. They can ask questions we respond to, they can share their stories via social media or sending it to us by email to post on our site at bullieskeepout@gmail.com.

“In general there are so many things people can do. Share our social media, get involved with projects, PSA’s, helping us spread the word, again, sharing stories, volunteer, donating when we are fundraising, just supporting us. We want to grow bigger and bigger. The people help make us who we are. Without them and their support, we wouldn’t be where we are today, and growing.

“Can’t say enough how much that means to me and how much I appreciate.”


Why is this cause so important?

“At the end of the day, so many things come back to some form of bullying and hate. That is why we choose to encompass so much. We try to do a variety of different things. We want to be diverse, different, and out of the box in what we do with all ages of people.

“We recently started an iTunes podcast too, which you will probably eventually see Clayne on as well. We have guests, but my co-host and I also have topical discussions for self help and advice. We want to give both perspectives from a woman and a man, which is important in today’s society. To hear both sides of the spectrum.”


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