Exclusive interview with Clayne co-star and mates Linds Edwards and Ashley Shelton

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Words: @TeamClayne  Pictures: Linds Edwards and Ashley Shelton

So Linds, co-star with Clayne in the series Rectify and who played Jake in Lethal Weapon, and wife Ashley have a new movie coming out soon… more about that in a future article…

But first, they answered some questions about Clayne, music, and movies…

1. What would your dream roles be
2. Who would you like to play in a film
3. What movie would you love to have been in
4. If money were no object what frivolous thing would you buy
5. What’s the theme song of your life


1.  A SUPERHERO, She Hulk or Big Barda, It’s a Wonderful Life remake, A League of Their Own.

But in general to I want to play strong, well developed protagonists. Growing up I always wanted to be the male roles in movies and TV because ,mostly not always, were the ones doing the saving and the more awesome stuff. So I want to do the saving.

Also representation is big to me so I want young girls and teens to see women who look like them. And know anything is possible.

2. Historically, DOLLY PARTON!!!!, frances hodgson burnett, Marie Curie, Mary Kay Ash, Ruth Handler, just to name a few. Also Betty Boop Ruth (in the Bible) Any Shakespeare character.

3. There are many roles I wanted to have but I only look forward to the future and to the roles that are being written for me as we speak and characters that only I can play. Because that’s how I choose to believe – that what is meant for me will not miss me.

4. Trampoline park with a coffee house and a bakery.

5. Prince – Let’s Go Crazy



1. Future mad max movies, not necessarily mad max. Ghost Rider
As weird as it sounds I would like to play The Riddler. I wanna play war characters, snipers, no villains anymore (lol), I just wanna be the hero OR anti hero (lol)

2. Butch Cassidy and Cool Hand Luke, well really any Paul Newman movie. Hunter S. Thompson in the Hell’s Angels movie – if that ever happens.

3. I have only gotten the roles I wanted to play. 4. My own golf course 5. The Rolling Stones – Paint it Black


When and how did you first meet Clayne?

About 2010 filming Baytown Disco. I was cast as one of his cousins. First day on set we all hung out and I danced the whole night and from that day on Clayne called me ‘Tiny Dancer’

What was it like working with Clayne on Rectify, however briefly?

Well we only really worked together on the show during the one scene in Episode 6 of season 4. It was super fun to finally really work together after knowing each other for so long. And to have something great on screen together.

What makes him a fantastic actor?​
His devotion to his art. ​

Who would win in an arm wrestle? – Clayne – he has Dad strength.

Who would win in a ball pit fight? – Me – because I threw a hard fast pitch in baseball.

What do you think about the Team Clayne Vs Team Linds picture battles fans Kirstie and Angie have been running regularly on twitter? I love it, but I feel like it’s a bit one sided (wink, wink) #teamlinds



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