Exclusive interview with Ashley Shelton about her new movie with Linds

Friends of Clayne Crawford, Ashley Shelton and husband Linds Edwards (who co-starred with Clayne in the series Rectify and in LW) have released a new movie, initially on the festival circuit, called Magnolia & Clementine.

mc 1

Writer, director and star of the film Ashley tells us at Team Clayne more about it…

What’s the film about?
It’s story about a stolen story.

A struggling writer gets her story, she assumed she threw away, stolen.

That event welcomes some unexpected visitors and sparks unexpected changes. Both unwelcome but both needed.


Where did you get the idea from?
I wrote it during a tough time. And I think feeling unsuccessful at life and my career sparked the idea.

What’s the objective or message of the film?
There are many. Magnolia & Clementine speaks of the magic of everything having a purpose, and everyone their own specific destinies.

This film script was birthed out of a broken heart, a snapshot in time I will never forget. And out of that brokenness came this beautiful story of a woman finding her power again.

What’s it like working together and who is the boss on set!?
I like to think we are both equally the boss, but this was my baby so I was the boss.

And I love working with Linds, he is the one I trust most with my creativity.


When will the film be out and how can we get to see it?
The film will be on the festival circuit so hopefully there will be a screening near you. Eventually it will live on the website – magnoliaandclementinefilm.com

Anything else you’d like to tell us about the movie?
I want to make film to connect with people. Watching movies and playing pretend were how I got through a lot of things in life and for a lot of my life all I had were movies.

So I want to be that for others with the stories I tell.

Every story has a piece of my heart in it-so I am blessed to be able to share my heart with people through my art.


And the last word goes to April Edwards, the four legged cast member, who comments:

“I’m April. I’m a Chorkie. That’s a Yorkie mixed with a Chihuahua. I didn’t choose the acting life the acting life choose me. I am self taught.

I really didn’t like being in this movie at first but then all the attention really made me happy, so I like it now.

I like treats, sleeping, and the outside. I hope you love my performance, I do.”


So Team Clayne, how can we help promote Magnolia & Clementine?

1 – Follow and share regularly on social media: Twitter: @magandclemmovie Facebook: magnoliaandclementinefilm  Instagram: magnoliaandclementinefilm

2  – Email or contact via social media your local film festival, arts venue and/or independent movie venue and ask them to look into booking the movie into their future film season.

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