Watch a video of Christian Kane trying to auction Clayne Crawford’s clothes!

For a few minutes of joy to brighten your day, watch Christian Kane try and auction off Clayne Crawford’s clothes (including underwear!) at the Clayne Crawford Foundation Pig Out Picnic recently.

I challenge you to watch this and not smile. Thanks guys for being so hilarious!

And a BIG thank you to Tamara Arnold for sharing this on the Team Clayne Facebook group and saying yes to allowing it to be on the blog too.

I have tried to transcribe it the best I can (and apologies for the quality, it’s a tech nightmare trying to get a video off a closed group Facebook account) but it’s worth enduring the low quality because it is very funny.

*                              *                              *                                   *

Lady in audience: “How much for the handkerchief in your back pocket?”

Clayne: “How much for the handkerchief in my back pocket?! You know, I wish I didn’t love this thing so much, but whatever, it might be time to let it go.”

Lady: “20?”

Clayne: “But it’s all for a good cause, so…”

Lady: “Cash…?!”

Lady’s friend: “She’s been wanting that real bad!”

Christian Kane: “Let’s start at $25… it’s still warm too! Do I have 25? Do I have 50 bucks? Do we have 75 for the handkerchief that’s probably got a little bit of DNA on it!”

Clayne: “It’s definitely got a little Hixie snot on it,  that’s why it’s in my back pocket, I’ve got kids on the farm.”

Christian: “Well I can’t let it go for that much, because I know how much he loves it!”

Clayne: “No, look, it’s all for a good cause!”

Christian: “It needs to be 200 bucks for the handkerchief in his back pocket. If I can get 150 bucks…”

Clayne: “You’re as bad as my mother!”

Christian: “150 bucks?”

Clayne: “Put your hand down! Are you serious?!

Lady:  “Just start auctioning off all your clothes!”

Clayne: “Just start auctioning off all my clothes?!”

Christian: “Can I get $200 for his shirt?! Here’s the gig, if I can get 500 bucks for his underwear…!”

Clayne: “First of all I’m not wearing any…!”

Christian: “I knew that…!”

Clayne: “… and second you’re just trying to get me naked out here in front of everybody!”

Christian: “Isn’t that a bit weird man?!……….”

Clayne the expertly diverts attention to the bouncy twister game being deflated…shame!

*                           *                               *                              *                            *

If anyone can make out anything else, please let me know on twitter @TeamClayne or the comment section below.

To see more videos of the pig out picnic plus photos and feedback from Team Clayne members check out these two blogs – part one and part two.

If you enjoyed this video and have a few pounds / euros / dollars and all other currencies to spare, why not donate directly to the Clayne Crawford Foundation here or there’s just a few days left to buy a Weather the Storm t-shirt here. Every little helps.

Jo xxx



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