Team Clayne celebrating Clayne Crawford’s birthday: here’s all you need to know

So Saturday April 20 is Clayne Crawford’s birthday and of course Team Clayne are going to celebrate it – here’s how you can get involved:

Virtual birthday card

Here’s the link to sign Clayne’s virtual birthday card that all of Team Clayne can sign with a message, photo, video or even all three!!

Wish Clayne a Happy Birthday and we will make sure he gets it.


Birthday Clayne Day by Team Clayne

So the Clayne Days have become very popular as a day when we get together and celebrate all things Clayne.

This special birthday party is going to be held on twitter on Saturday 27 April from noon (USA Eastern time) to noon on Sunday 28 April, giving everyone the chance to get involved, whatever time zone you are in!

So we share videos, pictures, words and ideas and generally have a global get together (bring your own cake!).

Special Birthday Raffle

The big news of the day is that there is a raffle prize taking place to win the shirt off Clayne’s back – literally!


And if you needed added incentive, he might not even have washed it before he signed it!

Here’s the proof!


So, here’s the details:

1 – Any donations and purchases from CCF between 1 Jan and 28 April 2019 (up to 2pm USA eastern time) qualifies for one raffle ticket per $10 (or overseas equivalent) eg: $10 equals 1 ticket, $100 equals 10 tickets.

2 – Purchases include CCF merchandise, Weather the Storm clothing and Pig Out Picnic tickets, even if you didn’t manage to attend and donations for Clayne’s birthday

3 – Any donations made to CCF specifically for Clayne’s birthday (specify in the comments box on CCF website donation page) is worth double tickets eg: $10 equals 2 tickets

4 – DM @LWC_GypsyDancer a screenshot of confirmation from CCF of your donation or for weather the storm on twitter or email as proof and you will be entered into the raffle

5 – The winner will be chosen at random on Team Clayne’s birthday celebration day on 28 April and announced on twitter

6 – There will be other prizes to be won on the day too

For more information go to the Team Clayne Facebook account or on twitter it’s:

@LeGrandeWee for the birthday card and @LWC_GypsyDancer for the birthday raffle

Any fan family RTs wanted, don’t forget to follow @TeamClayne and tag me in your tweet so I can find it in the mentions section.

We’re also on youtube and Instagram.



Hilarious video of Christian Kane trying to auction off Clayne’s clothes at the recent CCF Pig Out Picnic – here

Team Clayne photos, videos and feedback from the picnic part one and part two

CALLOUT FOR CONTENT for coming soon blogs:

Your Weather the Storm t-shirt pictures – you don’t have to be wearing it if you don’t want to! – DM me at @TeamClayne on twitter or post in Facebook group or email

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