Chance to ask Clayne Crawford a question about his new movie

There’s an exciting new Clayne Crawford movie on the horizon – yippee! Called The Killing of Two Lovers, it’s currently in post production.

But in the meantime while fans wait, there’s a Team Clayne exclusive set up by @LWC_GypsyDancer to help build excitement!

Be in with a chance of asking Clayne Crawford all about the movie by submitting either a question at the end of this blog post in the comments or on Team Clayne’s group Facebook relevant post here.

On twitter, keep up to date using both the hashtags #TeamClayne and #TheKillingOfTwoLovers

The lovely boss will randomly select which questions to answer, as there won’t be enough hours in the day to answer them all!

Timings and more details coming soon but don’t hang about lovely people, submit your questions to the boss asap! It is ONLY about this movie.

And if you want to help spread the word about the movie, check out Clayne’s instragram here and share his posts or find more info on twitter using #thekillingoftwolovers

Some details about the movie are here on the IMdb website and don’t forget to thoroughly enjoy the photos of the boss being awesome in the gallery below (shared with permission from Clayne’s Instagram account).












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