Feedback and reviews of Clayne Crawford’s new movie are in and they’re brilliant

After premiering at the Sundance Film Festival 2020 on Monday 27 January, feedback of Clayne Crawford’s new movie The Killing of Two Lovers proves what Team Clayne already knew – Mr C is awesome.

Here is a selection of the film’s reviews and feedback.







“It’s an extraordinary performance from star Clayne Crawford” – see what else Abe says:

David Rooney, The Hollywood Reporter

Driven by a viscerally raw performance from Clayne Crawford, best known for TV roles on Rectify and Lethal Weapon, this marks a knockout first solo narrative feature for writer-director Robert Machoian that easily could have withstood an upgrade from Sundance’s NEXT section, devoted to innovative new work, into the main competition.

Small in scale but powerful in the impact of its bristling intensity and a climactic explosion of violence that goes in unexpected directions, this lean, bruising exploration of the minefield of an imperiled marriage should put its filmmaker on the map while also elevating the stock of its terrific lead actors, who never hit a false note.

The searing emotional hurt of that moment and others like it is written all over Crawford’s face and in his body language as David lashes out in anger and frustration. It’s a performance of remarkable depth, backed by writing that never makes a saint of the flawed will leave you breathless.

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Dennis Harvey

Crawford’s dominating performance makes David no hick but a sensitive and accommodating man a bit intimidated by his admittedly “much smarter” wife, flailing in his efforts to hold together a family unit he can’t go on without.

His perspective provides a poignant, unsentimental depiction of a common circumstance, lent intriguing frisson by the rigor of Machoian’s overall aesthetic.

Jonathon Christian

The Killing Of Two Lovers’ condenses marital strife and repressed rage into a quiet masterpiece.

Robert Machoian’s psychodrama “The Killing of Two Lovers” depicts the complexities of separation in marriage with an articulate confidence and a commitment to visual storytelling.

Although every actor on the roster deserves the utmost praise, Crawford’s immaculate performance cements “The Killing of Two Lovers” as required viewing.

The actor’s portrayal of a broken man on the cusp of heartbroken insanity keeps your attention deadlocked, never allowing your mind to stray or your investment to waver.

“The Killing of Two Lovers” speaks to current circumstances with a voice predicated in style and brimming with substance.

Its message is timeless. Its performances? Flawless.

And if “The Killing of Two Lovers” can be described as anything more than a must-see film, it can best be defined as a cautionary tale dedicated to the fragility of the family structure in the United States, a showcase of a radically talented filmmaker and a dedication to the painful reality of love.

John Fink

The film is often captivating, especially in its first act in which it’s unclear what exactly has happened in the bedroom.

The emotions of grief and remorse masterfully expressed by Clayne Crawford could easily signal that an unthinkable crime had been committed and David is waiting to get caught as he goes about his daily routines in town, keeping up appearances.

Read the complete review HERE:

Robert Machoian

The film shines in performances that capture the simmering tensions and spoken words that could derail any good faith intention of reconciling problems in a marriage.

And, Machoian – with an impressive, understated, elegant choice of mise-en-scène – gives the viewer the utter irony of the notion of asking for space in a small central Utah town set against an impressive mountain range.

sean ★★★★★
Witty and intense. The best film I’ve seen at Sundance so far.

DogRiver ★★★★★
The writing is top-notch and the acting is phenomenal. I would 100% recommend this movie to anyone looking for a good drama.

SL S ★★★★½
Sort of feels like a western at times but maybe that’s just cause it takes place in Utah. Beautiful portrayal of a guy trying to keep his failing marriage together. So tense and so heartfelt.

Austin Rodriguez ★★★★
I had no idea you could exaggerate still shots like this film did. The definition of every frame a painting. The dark tone of the film was constantly balanced by surprisingly funny dialogue.
The most unrealistic part of the movie was when the father offered candy to his three sons saying “Pick your flavor” and the three brothers didn’t fight about which flavor they got.

Adriano Mirchou ★★★★
Subtle, realistic, and emotionally moving; the film subverts expectations in the best way possible and I believe this plays to it’s strengths. Great performances and stunning camera work about a man on the brink of destruction. Also locally shot in Orem, Utah.

On Instagram @theewhitetiger

The wife & I had a last minute opportunity to attend a #sundancefilmfestival screening last night, and we literally did zero research on what movie we were seeing and just showed up to #thekillingoftwolovers …AND DAMN were we pleasantly surprised!

Firstly because the work that @robertmachoian & crew did on this film is masterful, truly enjoyed all aspects of it! Secondly, @claynecrawford & cast put on such riveting performances, it’s hard to look away!

So needless to say, we had a great time at our first @sundanceorg experience & #claynecrawford was a class act letting us snag a pic & he was super stoked to hear @kimberly.reese is such a big fan!

Fred Topel

Hopefully, it shows people what Clayne Crawford can do so he can continue playing roles like this long after TV viewers forget about Lethal Weapon.

Clayne told UPI at the festival

“This has been the greatest year of my life because I actually went and made something the way that I wanted to make it.

“Sometimes, you have to walk through fire to get to the beauty, and I am in the beauty right now. I told my wife I’m 41 and this is the happiest I’ve ever been with my career, and it only happened because I was backed into a corner.

“I’ll be honest with you. If I could make a movie with Robert Machoian once a year and it can support my wife and family, buddy, I might not do anything else.”

Keep visiting this blog folks, as more reviews and feedback will be added as they come in.

Reviews and feedback spotted by many Team Clayne members including Spike, StarLord, Carol Southern_77, Robin TakenByTC, Tilly, Mr S, Karim, JulieAMathews, Love Peace United, Judit_Nemet

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