Recent projects

Clayne’s been busy over the last year, here are some of the major projects that have, or are about to, come out.

I will update this page when more information comes though, including when and how to see these movies, plus there will be a separate blog post for each project, including video.



Who does Clayne play?

Clayne plays the part of Grady Lee Jnr, a reclusive, small country farmer who finds his father’s secret journal. In it, he finds the plans for constructing a world-changing machine, and becomes obsessed with building it. But to complicate life further, he suddenly has custody of his young nephew.

Who else is in the movie?

Christian Kane plays Boudreaux, the owner of the local salvage yard and student of the spiritual realm. He knows life-changing change is coming Grady’s way and trys to warn him.

How did it come about?

Writer Sonny Marler told the Vincent Harris of the Greenville Journal in July 2017:

“Clayne was my first friend in L.A.,” Marler says. “We lived in my Tahoe. We’ve been through the trenches together.” So when Crawford suggested they make a film together using Crawford’s farmhouse in Clay, Ala., Marler jumped at the chance

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Story by and Directed by: Sonny Marler
Written and Produced by: Tom Bhramayana
Written and Screenplay by: Stephen Hoover

a KoCreo Production in Association with TNG Entertainment


Thank you to @LocatorDude for this update on the release of Tinker that they found:



The Weight – now called Above Ground – more details below


Who does Clayne play?

Thad is a divorcee implicated in murder when two dead bodies are discovered. But is he just a pawn in this crime, and why won’t the local sheriff investigate when Thad goes missing? His ex-wife is drawn into this tense thriller to find the truth.

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Written by Chris Rennier

Directed and produced by Thomas Rennier


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Canal Street

Well, here’s our guy in the cast list, and apparently he’s playing Byron, more information when I get it.

canal street