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This page is for information on how Team Clayne can get involved and connect, and a hub of Clayne Crawford external content – so visit regularly for new links to more stuff.

Please do consider getting involved:

  • write a blog for this website – doesn’t have to be long or Shakespeare! Alternatively I can screen shot your documents, tweets, Instagram posts and photos, just DM me to let me know


  • DM or tweet @TeamClayne with your videos, stories, views, photos, experiences and ideas for more fan content


  • on this page I will link to other sites’ fan content and social media group hubs, so if you see an article or another fan site or group etc, let me know @TeamClayne



External fan or media content


Social media 


Instagram – teamclayne

Writing a specific blog post

This blog is by the fans, for the fans, so it’s open to blog posts from Team Clayne. But there are a few things to consider and yes, sadly, a few rules…

If one or more Team Clayne members want to write the same blog, then I will put out a deadline on twitter on @TeamClayne to anyone who is interested in writing it too, and then pick out of the hat. Hope you guys think that’s fair…?

No swearing or any abusive stuff. Sure, be passionate, state your opinion, but try not to write anything that you’d be embarrassed your granny seeing!

Some ideas include reviews of shows and movies, stories of how you have met Clayne or he has reached out to you or changed your life with his performances, compilation videos (lots of ‘Goodbye Riggs’ videos on YouTube!), drawings and artwork, why you became a fan, has his foundation helped you? Etc, etc

If you spot any news about CC please DM me on @TeamClayne as could make a great blog post.

And yes, the elephant in the room, the recent and sadly still current Lethal Weapon situation (just keep it classy, as Clayne has!).


  1. The blog post must have at least 1 photo that relates to the content of the blog.
  2. The photo / artwork / video content must be owned by you and you need to let me know who to credit for it. If you don’t have any pictures, I have some I can use.
  3. Try to keep paragraphs short, 3-4 sentences max, and probably only up to 10 paragraphs BUT some topics call for much more, so don’t worry too much!
  4. I reserve the right to edit any typos, grammar errors etc or query anything that looks a bit worrying (yes, I’m a born worrier!) – let me know if I make any too!
  5. Please DM me at @TeamClayne so I can send you details on where to send your blog stuff, if I don’t follow you, tweet me until I pick it up.
  6. Please give me some time to get the post on the blog, I will do my very best to get it published as soon as I can

Thank you!





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